Celebrating ‘National Siblings Day’ (April 10, 2023)

Celebrating ‘National Siblings Day’ (April 10, 2023) By Jerick Alegarbes Not everyone who grew up in a household had experienced living with a sibling. But for those who do or did, having a sibling can be either annoying or enjoyable among other things. Today we celebrate “National Siblings Day“. A sibling can be described asContinue reading “Celebrating ‘National Siblings Day’ (April 10, 2023)”

Remembering the Bataan Death March (April 9, 2023)

Remembering the Bataan Death March(April 9, 2023) By Jerick Alegarbes Bataan Peninsula, Philippines – U.S. Army National Guard and Filipino soldiers shown at the outset of the Bataan Death March. Allied forces were forced to surrender to the Japanese on April 9, 1942, the largest surrender in U.S. history. – http://www.nationalguard.mil In the face ofContinue reading “Remembering the Bataan Death March (April 9, 2023)”

Versatility and Deliciousness: Celebrating National Lumpia Day (March 16, 2023)

Versatility and Deliciousness: Celebrating National Lumpia Day (March 16, 2023) By Jerick Alegarbes Shanghai Lumpia, one of the most common and savory Filipino snacks. It is no surprise that Filipino food has been increasing in popularity in the United States in recent years. With the rise of social media, people are becoming more aware ofContinue reading “Versatility and Deliciousness: Celebrating National Lumpia Day (March 16, 2023)”

AVANCE Personal and Professional Workshops

AVANCE Houston is a local chapter of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating pathways to economic mobility through high quality, culturally responsive, two-generation programming that ensures school-readiness for young children and opportunities for parents to build social and economic capital. This Spring, AVANCE is offering virtual personal and professional skills workshops! The Healthy Relationships/FRAMEWorksContinue reading “AVANCE Personal and Professional Workshops”

#FilAmFillOut 2020 Census Challenge

By Danielle Erica, Executive Administrative Director The census is a headcount of every living person in the United States of America done every 10 years. It contributes to government representation and financial allocation. This affects the Filipino community by potentially giving us Congressional apportionment, civil and voting rights such as Tagalog ballots, redistricting, and providingContinue reading “#FilAmFillOut 2020 Census Challenge”