Eat, sing, dance, and hear stories for Filipino American History Month

Start your day on October 14, Saturday at 12 noon by visiting the Filipino Young Professionals (FYP) Filipino Street Festival at Levy Park.  Visit the Filipino Food and T-shirt booth and buy some Filipino BBQ or a chicken lollipop.  You can pick up a limited printed edition t-shirt with artwork created by Kristian Kabuay, pre Filipino script, Baybayin artist.  The T-shirt will adorn the word “KAPWA”.  Kapwa is the core concept in Filipino personhood. Kapwa means how we are equal and connected to our fellow human beings.

Families can make their way to the Cultural Corner in the Children’s area and listen to FANHSxUNIPRO members read storybooks every half hour about growing up with the Asian American and Filipino American experience from children’s books such as Cora Loves Pancit, The Ugly Vegetables, and Salamat Po.

Sing Karaoke, get your face painted, play Filipino American History trivia games, and have your caricature drawn at 5p.m. by local artist Jessicatures.

Make your way to the main festival grounds and watch traditional dancing on stage, grab another bite to eat from local Filipino Food trucks like Flip ‘n Patties.

Take a break from the outdoors and walk to Four Points by Sheraton just across the parking lot and visit the Filipino Film Festival hosted by OCA Greater Houston Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival (HAAPIFEST), a proud partner with the Filipino American National Historical Society and UNIPRO as part of the FYP Filipino Street Fest.

The HAAPIFEST Filipino Film Festival will feature untold stories of Filipino American history that are not found in current history books.  Learn about the California Grape Strike in the film Delano Manongs, the contributions of the Philippine Scouts in Forgotten Soldiers.  Also featuring other films created by up and coming Filipino directors such as Flip the Record and Bicultural.  SHOWTIMES

FilipinX Night of Storytelling

Conclude your evening, buy a beer at Four Points by Sheraton hotel bar and settle in for the evening with a special presentation.  Enjoy artistic performances in the Night of Storytelling.  The evening will kick off with a performance a Filipino Martial Arts performance by the Ground Dwellers, followed by a Baybayin pre Filipino script performance by San Francisco artist Kristian Kabuay, and then Lane Wilcken, Filipino tattoo artist from Las Vegas.  To close out the evening, local Filipino artists will share some spoken word.  Seating is limited so donation tickets can be bought here.  All proceeds go to the Filipinos of Houston book and funding similar educational events with FANHSxUNIPRO.

The after-party will conclude at the Smash Brothers Anniversary event at Capitol Bar.

The Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) has been observing October as Filipino American History Month for the past 21 years, since 1991. The month was established to commemorate the first documented landing of Filipinos in what is now known as the continental United States over 425 years ago.  The FANHS Houston Chapter was established April 1, 2015.  It is the 32nd chapter out of 34 in the United States.

Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro) educates, empowers, and connects the Pilipino American community by providing a platform for dialogue and growth. UNIPRO unites Pilipino Americans through collaborative action, leadership development, and advocacy.

The United States Congress passed subsequent Resolutions to Recognize October as Filipino American History Month nationally in 2009, 2010, and in 2011.


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The purpose of the Filipino American National Historical Society are to: conduct research and studies; gather, promote, and disseminate published works on Filipino American history; provide a repository for research and gathered materials; create exhibits; promote and hold forums and public programs; and sponsor fundraising events to accomplish these purposes. FANHS-HTX is here to promote understanding, education, enlightenment, appreciation and enrichment through the identification, gathering, preservation and dissemination of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United States. FANHS-HTX represents the 32nd chapter of a national organization.

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